Recumbent Bike

By Rajesh Panda

Recumbent Exercise Bike


Recumbent exercise bike is one of my favorite piece of cardio equipment. It helps you to exercise with comfort.



Most of the activities that we do are ground based which involves our feet. for example running, hiking, basketball, tennis. All these activities works on the forces of gravity and are really good for our health. 



But what happens is, if we do that all the time, specially with the cardio in the Gym, those patterns get overloaded and creates pressure on our joints.



What’s beautiful about recumbent bike is that it’s allows you to workout comfortably at a reclined position yet very effective when it comes to low impact cardio workout.


The low impact nature of recumbent bike makes it a best option for elderly person and people with back pain or knee pain.

Benefits of Using A Recumbent Exercise bIike

Which muscles recumbent bike works on ?

Muscle groups that recumbent bike predominantly works on are the quads, glutes, calves and the hamstrings.

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