Spin Bike

By Rajesh Panda

Spin Bike Buying Guide – How to choose the best one


What is a Spin Bike?

A spin bike a stationary bike that is mostly found in the gym or fitness center. It’s a cardio exercise equipment that helps you work on your lower body at the same time gives you a great cardio vascular workout.

The History of Spin Bike

The indoor cycling program was introduced by Jonathan Goldberg in the year 1987. It all stated after was struck by a Car while he was training for a cross country bicycle race in night. It was when he decided not to train outside in night, and bring the outdoor cycling experience to indoor. So he started developing commercial training program for athletes.

Why should you purchase a spin bike ?

Have you ever wondered what cardio equipment you should be choosing, what machines are more effective, how can you get more done in less time, what cardio machines should you be choosing more consistently.

Well, the direct answer is “Spin Bike”. It has the couple of USPs which makes it unique in the market.

  • Less Footprints

It takes less footprints in comparison to other bulky cardio machines like Elliptical, Treadmill and provides you an effective cardio exercise.

  • Low Maintenance

Out of all the different cardio equipment that you may purchase, spin bike would be the one that require lowest maintenance. If used properly a good spin bike can last for lifetime with very little service.

  • Ease of Use

Cycling on an indoor cycle is not that difficult as learning to dance or any other aerobic exercise for that matter. You just need to get on the bike and start paddling to burn calories keeping in mind some of the safety features.

  • Good For Seniors

There is no surprise that with growing age the body’s immune system get compromised. Multiple studies have shown that. So it’s crucial for seniors to maintain a daily fitness routine along with healthy lifestyle. Often it’s not possible for seniors to go out for workout because of the vulnerability to infection.  So in that situation, cycling on Spin bike could be a option for seniors which can help reduce the blood pressure and improve the cardiovascular endurance.

  • Low Impact on Joints

 Whether you workout indoor or outdoor, Our joints plays an important role everywhere. But often times with age, and other health conditions, wear and tear happens to our joints which makes it difficult to exercise.  Unlike jogging, running or playing an outdoor sports where our joints are heavily involved, spin bike puts less stress on the joints because of the way it’s designed and the cycling movement of of the leg while paddling on it.

  • Helps With Knee Rehab

 Because of the low impact nature and low stress cycling puts on the knees, It’s always recommended by Doctors, Physiotherapist to include cycling as pat of the knee rehab program to improve the stability and mobility of the knee joints.  

  • Build Stamina And Endurance

Regular cycling on spin bike helps build stamina and endurance if a proper workout routine is followed.It also helps in lowing the blood pressure and and improves the cardiovascular health.

What should you look for when buying a Spin Bike

A good spin bike could be a great piece of cardio equipment for at home cardio. Now a days more and more people are considering to purchase it for their home gym.

With the increase in demand, more and more companies are manufacturing spin bike to target different consumer market. So if you are planning to purchase a spin bike but not sure what all things to check to make sure you get the best bang for your buck then read further as we have listed all the important things to check while purchasing a spin bike.

  • Flywheel Weight

The Flywheel is like the heart of a bike. It is connected to the paddle via a chain drive or a belt drive.

As you paddle, the flywheel converts the mechanical energy to rotational energy.

The weight of the Flywheel plays an important role in controlling the rotational motion. So it’s an important factor to consider while purchasing a spin bike.

The flywheel weight varies from model to model. In general, heavier the flywheel batter the combination of momentum and resistance you can get during your workout.

Typically Flywheel larger diameter and weight more than 40 lb is considered to be good for spin bike as it provides you smooth paddling experience.

But on the other hand, heavier flywheel also increases the overall weight of the bike which effects the movement of the bike also you need to pay more for a spin bike with heavier flywheel.

  • Drive System

A spin bike generally comes with either a chain drive or a belt drive system. The chain drive is the same drive system that you get on a road bike. It does require the same level of maintenance and lubrication.

On the other hand, the belt drive would require less maintenance but you still have to replace it after couple of years of usage. The only thing is that the bike that comes with a belt drive system are typically more expensive than those with a chain drive system.

  • Resistance System

Resistance is crucial factor to consider while purchasing an bike. There are different types of resistance that comes with an Exercise bike. Friction based, fan based and magnetic resistance are some of the widely used resistance system that you would come across.

In friction based resistance, mechanical force is applied on the wheel to increase the resistance. While in magnetic resistance, the magnetic filed is being used.

On cheaper bikes you would normally find friction based resistance and less level of resistance being used. On the other hand, bikes with magnetic resistance comes at a higher price.

  • Handle bar And Seat Adjustability

Whether it is the seat or the handle bar, the ability to adjust those based on your requirement and comfort is important. Ideally you need to look for the bike that comes with fore/aft and up/down adjustments for the seat and adjustable handle bars to fit users of different height and arm length.

  • Display Console


While some people think that it’s not that important to have a LCD display on a exercise bike. They would simply use it for exercise.

But the ability to track your different fitness metrics like speed, rpm, calories burned, heart rate is definitely a good feature to have. It keeps you motivated and also on track to accomplish new workout goals with your bike.