Upright Exercise Bike

By Rajesh Panda

Upright Exercise Bike

Upright Exercise bike is one of the popular exercise bike among the people. It places the rider in upright position and gives a more consistent workout. 

The upright bike is designed to tone your leg and give you a complete cardio vascular workout. You can adjust the seat position to allow for a comfortable full range of paddle movement that avoid blocking out your knees.

What muscle Upright Exercise Bike Woks On ?

Riding on Upright exercise bike works on your glutes and hip flexors, plus leg muscles such as your quadricepscalves and hamstrings.

It helps to keep you in upright position as you pedal and strengthens your abdominals and obliques. Tightening your core muscles during your stationary bike workout can help you work toward increased strength in this region.

Upright Exercise Bike Benefits

  • Full body cardio workout: Riding an upright bike will provide you complete body workout as it puts your body in an upright position same like outdoor biking. It mostly affects the lower body.
  • Helps with Knee Problems and Rehab: It works best on your knees. So if you have a bad knee,  riding on a upright can help you to recover faster. It has also been found that Doctors do recommends cycling on stationary upright bike post knee for knee rehab.
  • Abdomen and Upper body workout: Upright bike also works on your abdominal and upper body muscles as you put your body in straight and upright position during the workout.
  • Small footprint: Upright bikes have a smaller footprint, So it takes less space in your home.
  • Helps to Lose Weight: If you are planning to shed some pounds, then upright bike would be a great option as it has be seen that riding on an upright bike for 30 minutes continuously can burn anywhere between 200-300 calories (depending on the user’s weight).
  • Affordable and Convinient Cardio: Upright bike makes it easy and affordable to do regular cardio workouts from the comfort of your living room. You don’t have to travel to the gym or worry about the bad weather condition.

Choosing the best upright bike for your needs

Now that you understood the benefits of using an upright exercise bike, Lets dive deep in to how to choose the best upright bike for your cardio workout. Well, there are couple of factors that you need to consider before pulling out your credit card to place the order.

Features:  With the emerging popularity of exercise bikes over the years, manufacturers are producing bikes with different features to attract more customers. When it comes to features,  it’s completely depends on your requirement. So list down what feature you would need in your exercise bike and choose based on that.

Budget:  There are bikes available in different price range in the market. Again it’s obvious that you get what you pay for. My advise would be, always look for the best value proposition in the product you are purchasing even if it costs slightly more. Because as we all know good quality meaning peace of mind but good quality comes at a higher price tag. So never compromise on quality.

Ease of Use:  One of the important factor you must consider before making a purchase decision is the “Ease of Use”. You may be having all the fancy features in your bike, but if it’s not properly adjustable as per your needs (may it be the seat height adjustment, handle bar adjustment), then it would be difficult for you to use the bike for a effective workout. So always bare in mind this factor while deciding on the model you are going to purchase.

Durability: Exercise bike is a machine which is made up off a lot of mechanical parts. With time those parts wear and tear. Companies generally provide warranty to take care of this situation. So you’ll have to look for the warranty section while purchasing. If possible take an extended warranty at the time of purchasing .

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