8 Surprising Health Benefits of Stationary Bike Workout That You Should Know

Whether you are already using a stationary bike or planning to purchase one or just want to know the potential health benefits of stationary bike workout then read on as in this article we have listed the top 8 health benefits of exercise bike workout that will help you take an informed decision be it on on purchasing a an exercise bike or setting up a regular workout schedule.

Working on a stationary exercise bike brings a lot of health benefits some of the key benefits are 

#1 – Burn Calories:

Cycling on a stationary exercise bike can help you burn calories at the same time to tone your body. It has been found that a quick 30 minutes of exercise on a stationary bike can burn somewhere between 260 – 300 calories depending on your age, body weight and other factors. 

A stationary bike workout can help you lose body weight if done regularly along with maintaining a proper diet. HIIT workout on stationary bike are becoming more popular day by day and it’s a great way to melt down unwanted body fat as well.

#2 – Improve Heart Health

Riding on an exercise bike improves the aerobic capacity of the body while increasing the heart rate. As a result the heart gets more oxygen by pumping more blood throughout the body. Which makes the heart strong and healthier. 

People with existing cardiac conditions may need to be careful and keep track of the HR (heart rate) and rate of perceived exertion and maintain those parameters within safe ranges to avoid any adverse effects on the heart

#3 – Maintains blood sugar and type-2 diabetes

For a long time researchers have known that exercise is very helpful for maintaining healthy  blood sugar. May it be high intensity or moderate intensity, all sorts of exercises help reduce the blood sugar level and also improves the insulation sensitivity of the body for optimal blood sugar control. 

The best part is most exercise bikes now-a-days come with an option to control the exercise intensity by changing the resistance on the knob or on the digital display.

#4 – Reduce Cholesterol

As per a study conducted it has been found that people who are doing regular indoor cycling along with maintaining a low calorie diet were found to have significant increase in HDL level and reduction in LDL level compared the non-exercising groups.

The study concludes that indoor cycling along with low-calorie diet helps in reducing weight and controlling serum lipids.

We highly recommend that you don’t stop your cholesterol medicine immediately. 

Do regular workout on stationary bikes along with that get your blood lipids tested and consult your doctor for any change in the medication.

#5 – Improves Stamina

Consistent exercise helps build your stamina and endurance. The key here is the consistency. If you workout on your bike on a regular basis and gradually increase the intensity level as your fitness level grows then you can increase your overall stamina and performance which will help to perform better in day to day life.

# 6 – Promote better sleep / Sleep improvement

It has been found through several researches that regular exercise can help with chronic insomnia and sleep apnea. It can help regulate your improper sleep patterns and improve the quality of your sleep. 

Recent studies have found that If you do some moderate intensity workout at least one hour before the bed time then it can help you fall asleep more effortlessly and improve the sleep quality as well.

# 7 – Improves joint mobility

Unlike any other cardio workouts like running, jogging, sprinting, skipping where your joints are heavily involved, exercise bike workouts are smooth on joints. The cycling movements help lubricate your joints which reduces the pain any stiffness if you have. 

Because of the low impact nature and benefits on joints, often Doctors recommend stationary bike workout as part of rehabilitation programs post any knee surgery.

# 8 – Strengthen legs

When you paddle on an exercise bike you mostly involve your lower body. Your leg muscles like calves, hamstrings, and quadriceps are heavily involved and will get stronger over time.

If you use a dual action exercise bike then you can also work on your upper body muscle groups.

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